D.I.Y. Reversable Burp Cloths

Here’s what you need!

  • Terry cloth – I buy mine off the bolt from JoAnns or Hancocks. I like that it’s wider and lighter weight than using a towel from a store, making it much easier to sew up just the right size! The burp cloths measure 12×15″ when done, so you can get 6 out of one yard!
  • Flannel prints – My polka dot prints were left over from sewing for my own baby (um…2.5 years ago!), but you can find a wide range of flannel prints almost anywhere these days! Again, you just need 13×16″ rectangles, so this is a great project to use fat quarters or larger scraps if you have them!
  • Notions: ruler and rotary cutter, cutting mat, thread, sewing machine, scissors, iron.

Cost: $15 (Without Tools)


The first step is to cut your terry cloth down to 13×16″ rectangles. This is most easily done with a rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat.

Next, if you want (this step is optional!), round off your corners. I used a saucer from the kitchen as a guide!

Repeat around all four sides.

Next, pin your terry right sides together to your flannel. You don’t have to spend the time measuring and cutting the second piece of fabric. Once your pieces are sewing together, it’s easy just to trim the excess away! AND your guaranteed to have your pieces line up!

Next, sew all the way around the terry cloth edge with a 1/2″ seem allowance (bottom left). Be sure to leave a 3″ hole open for flipping the cloth right side out. I used my serger to cut and finish the hem for me (bottom right). If you don’t have one or don’t want to use it, just use a scissors to trim away the excess fabric.

Flip the burp cloth right side out and press flat. Pin the 3″ opening shut, and then top stitch all the way around the finished cloth.

Now, You’re Done!


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