Why I Love Fashion

Fashion is such a beautiful thing.

All of my life, my main focus has been fashion and style from street wear, to cinderella’s ballgown.

I want to make people feel beautiful in my designs & clothes which is my dream.

Picturing myself in a room, sewing dresses with layers and layers make my heart smile so big! Everything I love in my life, is around art and style. I want to design people’s clothes for ages & leave an impact on the fashion world with arts and arts of dresses.

I am currently living in Keller, Texas as a sophomore in high school. I am enrolled in Business Professionals of Anerica, fashion classes, and cosmetology for following years. 

The highest dream of mine is to have my fashion show of magnificent designs, as well as doing the makeup for it.

I love people, and love to help them feel beautiful. I hope to inspire others to do the same.


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